At the time of writing, there are many software packages that allow the generation of plasmid maps. However, these software requires actual DNA sequence to draw the map. In many cases, the actual sequence of the full plasmid is not known or unimportant. The market lacks a program that helps to produce a stylish plasmid map quickly.Freewares currently available from the Internet are either buggy, lacks in feature, requires Internet connection or needs to sign up.

This program is written aiming to fill the gap of plasmid drawing tools. This program is javascript-based and it can be run in a browser without Internet connection. No installation is needed and you may just treat it as a web page on your local computer. The program have been carefully debugged in order to deliver as many feature as possible while keeping bugs minimium.


Flexi Plasmid Draw is available in two versions, Basic and Deluxe. The Basic version allows the generation of a plasmid map quickly with few options. This version can run in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. A drawback of this program is that it gives SVG code with no preview function. The Deluxe version on the other hand has a preview function allowing you to view the image represents by the SVG codes. However, the Deluxe version cannot run in Internet Explorer. The Deluxe version also allows a much finer degree of control over the appearance of the plasmid map.

Both versions gives SVG code as output. Though you can view the SVG as image directly in Firefox, you'll need another program to save the SVG as *.EMF or *.PNG for use with MS Office applications. You may download the freeware 'InkScape' for further editing and exporting the SVG file.

Note that SVG is a vector-graphics format. In other words, the image may be magnified without losing quality.

Program entry point

Basic version (For ALL Browsers)

Deluxe version (For Firefox only)

Source code on GitHub


Though this program is released as freeware, please help the poor developer by making a donation. Send an email to me (using your institution's email account) for further information. Thank you.