Have been playing with the Prusa MK3S+ since mid-2021, with most of my CAD designs serve to solve various issues in the school laboratory. They can be found on Prusa’s Printable.com.

For print job offering, please contact me via Twitter, WhatsApp (for those I have given contact only) or Email.

Only accepting print jobs from Hong Kong residents and objects will be delivered via SF-Express. In-person delivery is only available for transaction in Tuen Mun and Wong Tai Sin.

The Carousell account is close to useless as the chat feature censors all URL, phone and email. Nevertheless, you may find my past prints over THERE.

For those who wish to buy my printer (HKD$4999 or more), please contact me via Twitter, WA or Email, and arrange vehicle yourself to carry the machine next to my building.