Finally escaped from prolonged unemployment

Recent Updates

Recently I’ve been employed by an International School in Hong Kong as Laboratory Technician. Though there are still uncertainties even after working for nearly a month (Short contract term, no benefits, body check issues, dishonest HR…), I have some significant income finally. However, commuting time is so long that I now have to wake up at 5am, leave home by 6, in order to reach school by 7:30~8:00. To cope with that, I have to get on bed by 10:00. That means I have little time and energy left for anything else. Tweet frequency already dropped by 70% and barely keeping track of actively playing online-games (きららファンタジア、少女前線、Forge of Empire). As a result, don’t expect me touching anything I.T. anymore.

In addition, something shown up in my chest x-ray that is puzzling all doctors (does not look like TB, nor cancer, and no unusual symptom). THIS alone sent me running around to do dianogsis, make booking, get medical advices and receive loads of radiation. This is quite tiresome and mind-borging. Furthermore, my liver enzymes concentration is slightly higher than normal. (I’d suspect autoimmune disease or fungal infection)

All of these, are the result of 8 years in social exclusion and poverty (and my genes). Irreversible damage done to mental and physical, just barely alive.

Written on October 17, 2018