Tse YM's Flexi Plasmid Draw Basic

Copyright reserved by Maverick Tse Yuk Man, 2008
version 1.8 release


  1. Enter the name(optional) and size of a plasmid (any positive integer, required field) in the first two fields
  2. Enter the starting co-ordinate of your plasmid feature (in bp)
  3. Enter the ending co-ordinate of the feature. If this value is less than the starting co-ordinate, the arrow will be drawn anti-clockwise.Note that feature cannot span across the top most point of the circle. The illusion of a feature spanning across the top of circle can be done by creating 2 features (Feature 1: x-->plasmid size; Feature 2: 0 -->y)
  4. Add all the features required (up to 15). The the features can overlap each other without problem.
  5. Tick the 'visibility' checkboxes on the left to show only the features that you want.
  6. Click "Generate SVG Code" button to get your plasmid map as SVG code in the text box at the bottom.
  7. Copy and save the SVG code in a text file with the extension .svg
  8. View the plasmid by opening the svg file with Firefox or Opera browser. The image can be edited visually with Inkscape and save as PNG or WMF files for use with other software. If you are REALLY lazy or you cannot run Inkscape, you can view the image in Firefox and hit PrintScreen and edit the captured bitmap.

Other Options Color Reference
Rainbow Color Wheel and RGB percentage values
Red-Yellow Spectrum
Yellow-Green Spectrum
Green-Blue Spectrum
Blue-Red Spectrum
Hint: You can draw a truncated circle or arrow by making a box-shaped feature white, and cover the feature/backbone at the bottom. Note that features that are drawn later can cover the features drawn earlier. e.g. Feature 5 can cover Feature 3 but not the reverse. To see what this program is capable of, see Example 1, Example 2 and Example 3.

Required Input
Optional Settings
Plasmid size:bp
Plasmid name:
Canvas Width(px):
Canvas Height(px):
Feature width:
Arrow angle (degree):
Wing size (px):
Text size(px):
Show text: Show plasmid size: Show backbone:
Backbone Thinkness:

Feature List:
Visible?Name: Italic? Start: End: Arrow?%Red %Green %Blue

Save the following code as a .SVG file: