To potential recuriters and employers...

What is this?

I find myself answering ths same things in EACH interview and seeing some COMMON (undesirable) behaviour on the interviewer side frequent enough to prompt me writing an article. I hope you spend time reading this and reflecting on your beliefs and actions, before accusing me as rude or looking down on people. I may be straight, but, I don’t look down on people unless they deserve every bit of it.

Writing Job Ads

I found that HRs are ridiculously incompentent in writing Job Ads, especially for I.T. HR are looking for the impossible, or trying to get a vetaran with junior pay. The way it is now written, would only match retired or sem-retired personnel, and BLOCKING OPPORTUNITIES for millenials and younger generations to come. This is systematically killing our society.

Some examples:

  • 8+ years working with A.I. in company or university. HKD$20000 monthly. Fintech company.
    • A.I. only boomed a few years back
    • People worked that long have no interest changing their environment, not with that pitty pay
    • No one is going to join a bubble waiting to be sacked after two years (when bubble burst)
    • You don’t know what you need (particularly for people working in finance)
  • 10+ years in cryptocurrency
    • Well, check when cryptocurrency practically started and known
  • C++, VBScript, Java, JavaScripts… with prove by certification or proven work record (OSS don’t count)
    • There is few to none worthy certification for programming languages
    • Vendor certs are nortorously expensive (and you ask for expensive cert for a low-paid job?)
    • 100% of your candidates will not fit your expectation
    • Programmers in the wild will never get employed, and Linux people won’t bother your company
  • SPSS, SAS, Maya, …. Whatever unaffordable tools
    • Think about who would ever get in touch with these tools
    • You are offending the R-camp and Blender-camp

Long~ waiting time in interviews

I bet companies won’t do that to clients, but they do this all the time to job applicants. It is still fine if applicants can see the queue or paper-work is moving but certainly outrageous for simply LATE or BUSY, and no one give updates to the applicant during the wait. It is even more outrageous to demand smiles and cortesy from applicants after such treatment. It is even more scartistic to be evaluated as “lack of communication skill” and lectured by the offender.

HR, please confirm staff availability before making a booking. It is a lot better to simply re-book than to asking someone travelled a long way to your office but than keep people waiting. This is NOT the way to test people’s patient. Such behaviour will make applicants question on how your company treat its employees.

Here are some of my worst experiences:

  • 2 Hours in certain I.T. company in Hong Kong, which recieves a lot of cheap contracts from the government. No one update on me, and tried to lecture me for an angry face. No hire.
  • 1 Hour in certain nearby NGO. Also left unattended and almost freeze to death by the strong air-conditioning.
  • 45 min in a secondary school.

Table layout and Sitting plan

Usually fine for small one-to-one interview, but larger companies, school and government tend to use long~ tables for multiple staffs, while keeping the candidate at ~1m away or less. Think about what is wrong with this before reading on…

It is an extremely uncomfortable position. Where should I put my line-of-sight? Straight? Like staring at you. Speaking to staffs on the sides? need to turn your body… facing away from everyone else.

HR, please again test it yourself before readying for interview.

Questionable Questions

For CV and interviews, some inquires are actually banned or discouraged officially in the United Kingdom and some states in the US. However, many people are not aware of them, particuarlly among Asian countries:

  • Age/Date-of-Birth
    • Potentially violating age-discrimination law
  • Family condition, Family role
    • Potentially violating family-role discrimination law
  • Hobbies and preference
    • While not forbidded by law, usually that is not something relevant… unless you want to some sort of cultural hegmony in the workplace
  • Psychology Test
    • Again, no point of doing this unless you want cultural hegmony… and people do act differently from answering on paper
  • Motivation/Reason to join
    • You only need to rule out spys and nothing more than that. Honestly, everyone works for a paycheck! Claming high motivation before joining a company is mostly a lie or due to mis-information. Keeping motivation highly depends on the working environment, i.e. responsibility of managing staffs. I have seen so many people, including myself, being turned away by nonsense and hostile office politics, unethical policies/acts, red tapes, and lack of funding.

Long Vacant Period

Frankly, this is not something a victim need to defend for himeslef. Ever since 2008~2010, hiring practice CHANGED globally, in a way that ONLY VETERANS are being valued. There is also a trend of Anti-intellectualism, where lower-strata of works actively bar interlectual-capable people from joining. On the other hand, higher-strata work arenas protect themselves with licensing system and experience requirement. It is SYSTEMATICALLY denying some group of people of working opportunities, by you HR people and unethical capitalists.

No one want to live on unstable freelance or part-time. Don’t even listen to those “Human-resource consultants”. They voiced their biased intrepretation and the mass media often stay silent for the victims.

Job hopping has nothing to do with loyalty. Check what contracts are being offered nowdays. Job seekers either take it or leave it.

Communication Skills?

Even engineering job nowadays ask for “communication skill”. What is it actually? Your look? body gesture? Voice? … Frankly speaking these are just BIAS . Why would you assume someone received higher-education not able to stand foul language and rude people? And stress that worry? Should I say, you are looking for some tall and strong-looking handsome guy, but afraid to state it clear.

This is not a matter of a single industry or individual company. This is widespread. Every HR seems judging base on criteria for front-line service industry.

Written on May 29, 2018