The Failing Education System

Unspoken in the air

Ever since the millenia, the education systems around the world is failing fast, in general. Every “reform” can only get worse, seldomly better. This has a number of reasons, mostly ideology or belief issues. Here I presents a few points that is rarely mentioned by mass media and politicians, which i think, key issues.

Education for Economy

training workers for private sectors

This is one of the worst belief for society. Some cities have implemented this ideology in their policies for already a decade or so, and there are some really big problems. First, the private sector is NEVER satisfy. No matter how schools train people trying to meet market’s need, capitalist/Human resource end up hiring those with experience. In other words, grabbing workers from other company. In some cases, only a specified university is being honored by companies. In other case, the industry setup a “board” or “association” with ridiculous entrance requirement, blocking people from entering the industry. At the end of all cases, employers would complain to the government that there is no talent and ask for importing labour, while a large bunch of graduates end up jobless or living in dispair (and not being shown on social statistics).

funding by private sectors

Actually this is DANGEROUS. Reliance on private sectors to support education is similar to funding science by religious group. And the worship target is money. There is no guarantee the private sector is asking for TRUE and PROPER science talents. The private sector only looking for money, and not anything else. In reality, there are a load of business built around FALSE Science and distrust to science, e.g. Energy Water, Diamond Water, Organic Products and Nano-products. These sectors, certainly don’t want a true scientist to act against them and don’t want to invest in unrelated area. As a result, a proper university cannot expect stable support from them. What is still gaining support is medical science, because the more wealthy and powerful people are, the more they afraid of death.

Another issue would be students and parents becoming sitting duck. Well, companies may fund a school, but they mostly want to look for returns. Students may be forced upon with ever expensive text book, and I.T. gadgets, which are supposedly optional.

STEM education for what ?

Science and Technology education sounds great but this is not for everyone and not for every city. A poor academic can do little, while the rich rarely willing to invest in risky science. When there is a country, like the US, Germany and Japan, that honor science and technology, AND having such business around, graduates would have their time. On the other hand, city like Hong Kong has few investment that involve proper science. Science students will have no where to go when they graduate.

What common people need is not STEM, but more general understanding on making proper or making no decision, questioning fake information and honoring all forms of “creation”, be it real-world object or digital data.

School Management


Sounds open and democratic? Think again. Parents making odd request and barbaric complains to school, making management a nightmare. The PTA NEED TO BE GONE .

School Ranking and Course Evaluation

Another business adminitration stuff that brings hell upon schools. Ranking schools and universities means pushing them to work for the rank. Depending on how you rank, a high-ranking school does not necessarily a good learning place. Students may simply be stressed out by difficult homework and exam, while universities may cut down all departments except a few that generate high impact-factor.

Course evaluation, if tied to salary adjustment, would obviously encourge lecturers to make their course easy. Asking junior school kids to evaluate would only give random (meaningless) response. So why bother?

All schools and universities should boycott such ranking system. If they refuse, government intervention requires.

Over-protection and under-protection

Nowadays kids are protected from physical punishment that really hurts, but this create a phenonmenon that we didn’t had in the 80s… the kids go berserks! When they goes run-away, parents defend them in the name of “hyper-activity” or other “psychological attention”. So we have a generation of kid that is dumb and rebellious. Another extreme is bullies. While it is best for people to settle issue themselve, school bullies is a different thing. They are N vs 1 entity and the victim is helpless. Over-protection (for bullies) and PTA (improper) intervention is a factor that aggreviate the situation.


Modern education sucks! And sucks more when Capitalist involved.

Written on October 6, 2017