On HALT due to resumed employment (October 2018)

Translation Job/ 翻訳

  • I can translate among English, Chinese Traditional and Japanese. For non-legal document only.
  • 提供中<>英<>日文間的翻譯。只限非法律文件
  • 日本語、中国語(繁体中国語)と英語間の翻訳を提供しています。法律文書は対応しません。


  • Typical A4 document: 500 yen per page using 14~16pt font
  • Manga (R-18 OK): 100 yen per page
  • Video Subtitling: 500 yen per 10 minutes without timing. 1000 yen per 10 minutes with timing.
  • Other formats: DM me via twitter for negotiation

Proofreading/ 添削

  • provide proofreading for English text and High-school lab report written in English


  • 500 yen per A4 page using 14~16pt font

Programming Snippet

  • 2000 yen per man-hour
  • C, C++, Python, JS(vanilla)
  • DM via twitter for negotiation

Video Editing/ 動画編集

  • minimum 500 yen per task
  • 1000 yen per man-hour
  • DM for negotiation


  • Paypal