Starting all over

Starting all over
A rover made for students to take part in a science competition... got 3rd place.

It has been more than 7 years since I worked on AviUtl modding, but now I have largerly abandoned it, and actually stop making the OSS stuff. I'm now employed as a secondary school lab technician (Chem+Physics+IS lab) with petty (but stable) paid and stable work hours.

With age approaching 40, my first priority is to find a wife and build a family, as I don't want to die from loneliness. Its hard to find someone communicatable in Hong Kong as a proletarian semi-Otaku in Japanese ACG and semi-geek in technology.

The old contents of my site was actually preserved on GitHub, but not sure if it worth the effort to port them over here. People reached me mostly for FlexiPlasmidDraw and AviUtl stuff, but honestly, both are obsoleted by now. FPD should be rewritten with better modern UI and more reliable SVG code generation, while AviUtl is outpaced by everyone due to its 32bit architechure and in turn, lack of decent GPU-acceleration support. Most importantly, the program's author has been "lazy" maintaining it and refusal to cater for internationalization.

Personally I have adopted the Apple ecosystem... M1 Mac Pro 16", iPhone 14Max, AirPod Pro2 and Apple Watch 8... and use software like FCPX and Affinity suite. In addition, I have began playing with 3d-printing for around one year already.

I'm still reachable on Twitter @MaverickTse and it is still the preferred way to reach me.